Andy Warhol Ate Burger King’s ‘Whopper’, But He Actually Preferred McDonald’s

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The 2019 Super Bowl brought another moment of advertising galore
from beverage endorsements to an unlikely documentary courtesy of
Burger King.

The fast food giant launched its ‘#EatLikeAndy’ campaign
accompanied with a footage of the eponymous 1980s artistic icon
Andy Warhol eating a ‘Whopper’.

The video represents an endorsement for Burger King by the icon,
however, upon closer investigation by advertising publication

Ad Age
, there is more than meets the eye. Ad Age reported that
the 1982 video was originally produced as part of the film 66
Scenes From America by Danish documentarian Jørgen Leth.

In an interview with
Leth, it appears that the late artist would have preferred a
McDonald’s burger as opposed to the ‘Whopper’. This is
because Warhol preferred the McDonald’s wrapper design instead of
the latter. Warhol was initially presented with Burger King’s
‘Whopper’ together with two other hamburgers. He asked Leth
where’s the McDonald’s burger, saying it has “the nicest

Leth wanted to get for him right away but Warhol rather not waste
time and settled on the Burger King option instead. Burger King has
shared the entire clip of Warhol eating the ‘Whopper’ online
and it appears to be a great yet uncomfortable piece of performance

, opening image via Burger King]