Brands That Could Suffer As A Result Of Their Logos, According To Retail Expert

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While several retailers take the
logo-heavy approach
, not all of them stand to gain from blowing
out their brandings on products, a retail expert says.

According to Maureen Hinton, global retail research director at
analytics and media firm GlobalData, the logos of
“preppy style casual” brands like Gap could be their downfall,
despite their popularity in initial years.

In a note picked up by
Business Insider
following Gap Inc’s decision to shut down
230 stores and split into two companies, Hinton described that
while brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Supreme might have
grabbed some of Gap’s market share, the success of these
retailers might be short-lived, as their flashy logos are seen as

“Their popularity is short,” Hinton described of preppy fashion
brands. “Ubiquity kills them off and fickle fashion followers
move on to a new brand.”

Abercrombie’s CEO, Fran Horowitz, noted back in December that the
company’s sales had picked up due to a 90s fashion comeback,
hence an increased preference for its branding-heavy apparels.
However, once that trend fades, so too might the demand for the
Abercrombie logo.

Hinton explained that these brands “have a short spell in the
fashion sun… generating strong growth, then they wilt and have to
evolve into a brand that can offer more than just a logo…”

About three years after the heyday of these stores, customers might
no longer find value in purchasing logo-accented items, and decide
to spend their money on more pocket-friendly, logo-free brands

Hinton recounted that when Abercrombie & Fitch first opened in
the UK in 2007, it had shoppers lined up outside its stores.
However, there are no longer queues outside these
locations—people have now scattered to the next trendy brand,

The moral of the story? While people
obsess over logos
, they don’t last forever, and shouldn’t
be the key ingredient of a company’s success.

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