Friday Link Pack

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– The Wally Shop is a
package-free grocery store. Everything is being delivered in
reusable packaging, picked back up again for reuse.

– Man explains valuable life lesson
using two lighters.

Ikea’s new curtains purify the air inside your house

Traveling House
. I love this. This
housesits full-time. HEROES!

– I want to put this
on my desk and pretend really important
stuff is inside.

White & White Clock

Let’s Do the
Proust Questionnaire

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion

– “The minute you choose what you really want to do, it’s
different kind of life

Stunningly minimal,
handmade quilts

– A national park ranger
set up a typewriter in Grand Canyon National Park
to “see
what would happen as visitors came upon it.”

– “There is never a good time in conversation to bring up
the fact that you don’t have feet.”
How I lost my legs and gained

– This made me laugh:
Crowd Goes Nuts for Extremely Satisfying DVD Logo Bounce

Modern Creator’s Paradigm
— A Reason for More Critique and
Accountability (via)

– Why airlines are cracking down on “skiplagging
— the hack that savvy travellers use to fly for less.

– How would you respond if you asked someone for their card,
and they handed you this?

– The one comment I keep getting in regards to the
CreativeMornings job board: The nicest people always come
through our platform
. YAY!

– Did you know Tattly has a
? The gift that keeps on giving.

– A big thank you to
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