Popular Design News of the Week: January 28, 2019 – February 3, 2019

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Google Takes its First Steps Toward Killing the URL

Palettte App

24 Expert Opinions on UI Design Trends 2019

I Am not a Real Programmer

Zara’s New Logo May Be the Future of Branding, Love it or Hate it

How UX Design Builds Trust and Loyalty for Your Website

The Worst Career Advice I Ever Received

The Digital Handbook for Agency People

CSS Position Sticky – How it Really Works!

Best of UX Design Case Studies 2018

SocialSizes.io – Image and Video Sizes for Social Media

Benefits and Pitfalls of Being a Freelance Designer

CSSans Pro — the Colourful, Sassy, CSS Font

Fonts Used to Catch a Fraudster

5 Ways to Keep your WordPress Site Safe

We Value your Privacy Now, but Maybe not Later

Smartphone Design Hasn’t Evolved in a Decade; that’s About to

Conversational AI is the Skeuomorphism of VUI

Design Patterns for Mental Health

The Bias of Colour

The Problem with Power Users

An In-depth Look at Ethics in Design

Why this Stylized Filter is all Over your Instagram Feed

The Women Running for President are Breaking the Rules of Branding

A Novel Approach to Onboarding

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