Samsung Finally Decides To Call It Quits On Its Collaboration With Fake Supreme

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The joint venture between
Samsung China and Supreme Italia
has now been officially
declared dead.

Samsung China has stated unequivocally in a post on
that it has decided to end its partnership with Supreme
Italia, the fake version of the eponymous NYC streetwear brand that
is popular among hypebeasts.

First spotted on
, the translated Samsung’s statement announced
“Samsung Electronics has now decided to terminate this
collaboration,” without giving further details.

The collaboration was truly unconventional from the very beginning,
as Samsung had received criticism for introducing two Supreme CEOs
that turned out to be representatives from legal knock-off brand
Supreme Italia.

This indeed caused some furious backlash from fans who appealed to
Samsung to reconsider its bizarre partnership. This was partially
due to the fact that Supreme NYC is unable to sell and market in
China itself, but the knockoff has the required licenses.

The end of partnership isn’t all too much of a surprise since the
initial response to the collection has landed itself in a lot of

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