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Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by search engines. SEO can be complex and involves several variables within the website content. We can take the complexity away by using our google analytics techniques and implementing a custom and effective SEO Strategy to drive more visitors to your website and make your online business more successful.

In-Depth Research

We develop a deep understanding of your business, your goals and your competition.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Managing ad campaigns to instantly drive traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

Creation and sharing of online content relevant to your site to stimulate customer interest.

Social Media Marketing

Improving your brand presence and exposure through social campaigns to drive visitors.

Strategy Dev & Exec

We create an in-depth, individualized plan for boosting your rankings, traffic and profits. We implement and monitor the campaign, continually tweaking it for optimal results.

On Page Optimization

Improving elements on your actual site that have an effect on ranking in natural search results.

Off Page

Increasing the authority of your website through building quality links to it from trusted sources.


Effective SEO starts with identifying, addressing and tracking the right elements. Our comprehensive Website SEO Audit helps identify tactical and technical issues, and reveals opportunities to improve your website’s reach and overall success. Some of the things we check:
  • Title, Meta, Headers Tags
  • Keyword Consistency
  • Content Volume
  • Alt Attributes
  • Backlinks
  • Link Structure
  • Broken Links
  • Friendly URLs
  • Robots & Sitemaps
  • Mobile & Tablet Rendering
  • Mobile Viewports
  • Flash & iFrame Usage
  • Favicon
  • Legibility and Tap Sizing
  • Page Size, Objects & Load Speed
  • Compression & Image Optimization
  • Minification
  • HTML Deprecation
  • Social Profiles Connected
  • Social Profile Activity
  • SSL Security
  • Malware

Google Analytics

Know where your web and mobile traffic is coming from and what’s resonating with people online

You want to attract more web and mobile traffic to your site and convert more visitors into customers. You also need to know where your web and mobile traffic is originating from, and how new visitors discovered your company and its services.

How many repeat visitors are returning to your site? What they are spending time reading or exploring on your website? And did they make a purchase or contact your firm? To know, you need insight into your existing and prospective customers’ digital journeys.

Enter Google Analytics: the most widely used web analytics service online today. Google Analytics gives you the insights you need on your customers and the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your website’s content and functionality, and short- and long-term digital marketing initiatives.


It all starts with a conversation, and we take time to understand what it is your business does and what your specific goals are. That way, we’re better equipped to take you forward in the direction you want your business to go.

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