Sorry Marvel Fans, This Is What The MCU Looks Like Without Special Effects

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Video screenshot via GamesRadar

The bad news about living in a world that isn’t actually occupied
by superheroes is that it’s not as impressive as what is shown on
screen. The good news? Everything that didn’t survive the

snap of ‘Thanos’
remains in a studio.

An amusing supercut, courtesy of GamesRadar+,
reveals behind-the-scenes footage of Marvel films before they’ve
been edited with CG and other special effects—and it might both
burst the bubbles of MCU enthusiasts, as well as spur a newfound
appreciation for the films.

The montage offers a glimpse of characters and green screens before
they’ve been layered with skins and backdrops. In a scene where
‘Spider-Man’ is seen clinging onto the top of a building, for
instance, he’s really being propped up by the hands of another

Perhaps with all these in mind, you’ll watch the upcoming

Captain Marvel
—which opens this week—with a greater respect
for the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Video screenshot via GamesRadar

, video and screenshots via GamesRadar]