We have to fix fashion if we want to survive the climate crisis

The industry churned out 100 billion pieces of clothing for 7
billion people in 2015. The problem is so bad, some brands are
burning unsold inventory. The waste has got to stop.

Fashion brands, I’m talking to you: Enough is enough. Stop
making me think it is normal to shop all the time, not just when I
need something. You make flimsy dresses in cheap factories, and I
snap them up. You drop new items every day, then send me
emails–freakily customized to my tastes–telling me I must buy
them right now, or they will sell out. And I believe you. To make
room for new outfits, I schedule regular trips to Goodwill to
donate the old ones, which will likely end up in a landfill anyway.
(In California alone, Goodwill spends
$7 million
on dumping clothes.)

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